Ana Mendoza

Student Body Senator

She, Her, Hers, Ella

The two main platforms that I will be running on are diversity and inclusion, and transitional student support.

As an institution that strives towards diversity and inclusion, it is important that our student government abide by this objective as well. In ASUA, I will show constant support for all marginalized population, specifically our DACA and undocumented students. This includes creating fellowships and opportunities that any student regardless of their immigration status can benefit from, as well as holding a fundraiser for the President Directed Scholarship Fund. The second step towards upholding an inclusive campus is to invest in professional development for cultural centers and other students who would like to participate. It is also important that as ASUA, we are trained by the cultural centers themselves.

As a progressive campus, we need to create a safe space for all of our students and support them in their development as young adults. We need to expand existing programs, such as FirstCats grad prep initiative, that encourages students to thinkin about life after graduation. We need to invest in programs that demonstrate the graduate school application process and in depth information about funding for tests like LSAT, MCAT, GRE. These are small gestures that could alter a students future and empower them to continue their learning. In regards to transitional student support, as a transfer student from Pima, it is crucial to employ resources that expand our outreach efforts. We as ASUA and UA students should meet transfer students at their campus in order to connect them with resources, first-hand experience information we learn as students.