Adora Harvey

College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences

She, her, hers

As a first generation and low-income student, I recognize the barriers of achieving higher education for diverse students. I hope to break down some of these barriers by reinforcing a welcoming and supportive community in my college and expanding university resources for disadvantaged students.

One challenge for many wildcats is economic insecurity. While our school is exemplary in terms of scholarship distribution, students face more costs than just tuition. Low-income students struggle to meet basic needs and, as a result ,these students spend more time working rather than studying or taking part in extra curricular activities which build professional skills. For these students, the university experience often ends up being a fight to float rather than a tool to prosper. All students should have access to resources which help them fulfill their potential. I hope to build up these ideas by helping Campus Pantry extend their hours and reach more students while also expanding the non-profit to meet more student needs like learning materials and hygiene products. Providing more university programs and services for disadvantaged students will make higher education a more tangible goal for our community while also making the U of A a pillar of diverse success.

I will serve my college by working with faculty to build a stronger community and identity while also asserting our belonging in the university. Some ways that I can accomplish this is by encouraging administration to appoint a dean and working with the advising center to more effectively advertise student resources such as our paraprofessional student team. I also hope to work with the advising center to lessen negative stigmas surrounding the General Studies and Exploratory Studies majors. I hope that I can help my college develop a positive and unique voice in the university setting. By establishing voice and identity in my college and expanding campus resources to meet more student needs, we can make higher education a more tangible goal and welcoming experience.