Organization Requirements

  • Every organization must complete the recognition/renewal process by June 1 of each school year.
  • Recognition/renewal lasts until June 1 of the current school year, after which registration for the next year begins. Organizations recognized for the previous school year will be able to reserve rooms over the summer. Clubs who need to reserve rooms for the next academic year are required to re-register
  • Each organization must have a faculty/staff advisor, with exception of Greek-letter organizations recognized under Fraternity and Sorority Programs and their local governing bodies. Faculty/staff advisors are defined as individuals (faculty, staff, or administrator) who is currently employed by the University of Arizona and holds office hours within the University. Any faculty, staff, or administrator on sabbatical cannot serve as an advisor. Graduate students/assistants cannot serve as an advisor. 
  • The University of Arizona, through ASUA, reserves the right to withhold recognition of any organization. Decisions made by ASUA can be appealed in writing to the Dean of Students Office. 
  • Active membership in ASUA recognized clubs/organizations is limited to students currently enrolled at the University of Arizona. Other persons may be admitted to associate membership in recognized organizations, pursuant to the organization’s constitution and bylaws.