Leadership Transition

Per the organization’s Constitution, every group will have a transition of leadership where important details of the club’s operation must be shared with new executives. A smooth transition of materials and information ensures your organization remains vibrant and does not experience drama when the new school year begins.

Each leadership team should put together transition materials for incoming executives that include:

  • Updated copies of organization’s Constitution and associated Bylaws;
  • Passwords to social media platforms, e-mail accounts, and any other digital tools where the organization conducts business or communicates with members;
  • Information about financial accounts, including bank information, current balance of funds, transaction information about deposits and withdrawals, and recent bank letters;
  • Hand over any remaining checks/money orders and cash for the organization that needs to be deposited in the club’s bank account;
  • Updated roster of active members;
  • Physical copies of meeting minutes, or instructions on how to access them digitally;
  • Copies of reservation confirmations for future meetings, events, lectures, tabling on the Mall, or other organization function;
  • Any other information that is necessary for organization to continue successfully.