Important Responsibilities

Student organizations at the University of Arizona shall complement the academic mission of the University and enhance the educational experience for students. Organizations will be held responsible for actions of the group membership, guests, and individuals. An organization is responsible for its own actions.

The organization will be held responsible:

  • When the organization fails to comply with a duty imposed by a written University policy, including, but not limited to, improper membership education and initiation, improper organizational registration of activities for which registration and or permission is required; failure to comply with applicable health and safety regulations; misuse of University property, facilities and equipment; violations of University regulations on the use of alcohol; misrepresentation of the organization or group; abuse of student election procedures and regulations; misappropriation of funds; and violations of any rule or policy applicable to organizations.
  • When the organizational purposes are not compatible with the educational purposes of the University; engage in financial mismanagement; or conduct activities that are in violation of University regulations, local, and state laws.
  • When a student organization or an affiliated University group is charged with a violation of the Code of Student Conduct, the presiding officer or individuals affiliated with the group shall be required to participate in proceedings conducted under this Code as representatives of the group.
  • When one or more officers refuse or neglect to perform duties outlined for Student Organizations

Shared Responsibility forInfractions

Students and organizations may be held responsible for the conduct of their guests while on University premises, at University-sponsored or supervised activities, and at functions sponsored by any registered student organization.

Organizational Responsibility

A complaint may be filed against an organization under the Code of Student Conduct. An organization and its members may be held collectively and individually responsible for violations of the Code by those associated with the organization, including guests and alumni of the organization. When a complaint is filed with ASUA naming an organization as Respondent, the presiding officer and/or students affiliated will be notified of proceedings from Student Governance and Programs or the Dean of Students Office Staff.