Eligibility Requirements

  • ASUA recognized
  • No more than 30% of event/travel budget received from University department, college, or resource
  • No more than $500 in dues/membership collected per member
  • Cannot fund
                              Food, gas, alcohol, awards/trophies 
                              Speaker/presenter fees, honorariums, items that fall into personal use
  • Applications due every Thursday at 2:00 pm for consideration by Appropriations Board
  • Board meets every Monday, 2:00 pm​​
  • Maximum of $5,000 allocated per club per academic year
  • Applications must be presented at the Appropriations Board meeting 3 WEEKS OR MORE before your event.
  • Applications that are not heard 3 weeks or more will not be seen by the Appropriations Board
  • The Board will not see incomplete applications. Meet with a Club Advocate before turning in the application to make sure all parts are complete As the Board has a limited amount for funding, be aware that funding is never guaranteed.
  • Funds allocated by the Board are not officially appropriated until the ASUA Senate confirms them the Wednesday following your meeting with the Board.
  • Approved vendors for t-shirtsStudent Clubs | University of Arizona Brand Resources.