Club Sports and Social Greek-Letter Organizations

Information about Club Sports

The Club Sports Program is administered through the Department of Campus Recreation, which serves as an administrative body, resource, and information center for those involved in the Club Sports Program. The Club Sports Program has been developed for the purpose of engaging in extramural -intercollegiate sporting activities. The Club Sports Program is housed in the Student Recreation Center and provides supportive administrators who assist the clubs with the following:

  • Facilities - scheduling, practices, events, andmeetings.
  • Equipment - scoreboards, field lining materials, tables, andchairs.
  • A structure to assist clubs in promoting their various functions and competitiveactivities.
  • Provides various resources to assist clubs in development and improvingorganization.
  • The Club Sports Program also provides athletic trainer services forclubs.

Club Sports must be registered and recognized by ASUA, and then be registered by the Department of Campus Recreation. For more information on sports clubs, visit

Information on Social Greek-Letter Organizations

New Social Greek-Letter Organizations must follow these steps in order to gain recognition at the University of Arizona:

  • A fraternity or sorority desiring establishment as a recognized Social Greek-Letter Organization must first complete the University of Arizona Expansion and Colonization Procedures.
  • The chapter must immediately follow the same procedures previously outlined forexisting organizations to gainrecognition.

In order to maintain recognition, social Greek-letter organizations must complete the following steps:

  1. Social Greek-Letter Organizations are required to be full members of an appropriate Greek GoverningCouncil.
  2. The organization president agrees to accept full responsibility for the chapter and its members’ adherence to the constitution, bylaws, rules and judicial procedures of the respective Greek Governing Council and those of the National/International Organization; University policies and directives by authorized University officials, the University of Arizona Student Organization Policy and Form Handbook for Student Leaders and Advisors, the University of Arizona Greek Relationship Statement, the Greek Strategic Plan, the Greek Standards of Excellence, the University of Arizona Recognized Student Organization Residential Facility Policy, policies governing social events with and without alcohol, Philanthropy Advisory Board bylaws, Greek Standards Board Constitution, the University of Arizona Student Code of Conduct, the University Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order, and local, state and federal laws. Accordingly, the organization president must be familiar with such policies, laws, regulations, directives and procedures and must educate their membership (active and new members). In addition, failure to comply with such by organization members, organization leaders, or the organization itself may result in withdrawal of the organization’s recognition. 
  3. Each organization must annually file with Fraternity and Sorority Programs and the  Office of Risk Management Services a certificate of insurance verifying Commercial General Liability insurance coverage with social host endorsement at the required amount, or request a writtenwaiver.
  4. Social Greek-Letter Organizations shall comply with the University of Arizona nondiscrimination policy in the policy section of this Handbook, except as exemptedunder federal or other legislativeprotections.
  5. All organizations are expected to cooperate with the University and their respectiveGreek Governing Council in building and maintaining positive relationships with neighbors (local, national, andinternational).
  6. Each organization must have a Chapter Advisor. A Chapter Advisor is defined as a volunteer who has been appointed by appropriate fraternity/sorority officials to serve as the primary advisor for the chapter. If this person is a University employee, all advising activities are in no way connected to official job duties at the University, except that all University employees are subject to the University’s Hazing Policy and sexual assault reporting to the Dean of Students for Title IX investigation purposes. Chapter Advisors are expected to:
    1. Be familiar with University and the chapter’s respective Greek Governing Council’s rules, regulations and policies, governing Greek-Letter Organizations and assist the chapter in complying with suchpolicies.
    2. Attend regular meetings of the chapter and be familiar with itsactivities.
    3. Provide assistance to the organization in meeting and maintaining conditions of University recognition including signing appropriatedocuments.
    4. Provide assistance in financial and general operating affairs of theorganization.
    5. Provide assistance in the planning and implementation of chapteractivities.
    6. Provide assistance in the areas of organizational and personaldevelopment.
    7. Assist University officials in dealing with problems or other situations involving the chapter.
    8. Assist the chapter and its members to live up to the ideals of the fraternity or sorority.
    9. Attend or send another Advisory Board Member to Fraternity & Sorority Advisor Meetings.
  7. Maintain an atmosphere conducive to serious academic endeavor andintegrity.
  8. Maintain and ensure compliance with all applicable University, local and state fire,health, zoning and safety codes on the grounds and facilities as well at organizationalevents.
  9. Each chapter must remain in good standing with its national/international fraternityor sorority.
  10. Each chapter must complete the Standards of Excellence accreditation process annually. The outlined standards and expectations are the process that all chapters at the University of Arizona will be evaluated with in order to remain organizations in good standing.
  11. All events open to non-chapter members (including but not limited to Intake/Rush/Recruitment Activities, Events with Alcohol, Social Functions) shall onlyoccur at Recognized Social Greek-Letter Houses, on campus, or at approved non-residential, Third Party venues. A Recognized Social Greek-Letter House is defined as a recognized chapter’s facility. The University will recognize only one Social Greek-Letter House at one properly zoned location through the Recognized Student Organization Residential Facility Policy.
  12. Each student organization shall keep its chapter house, property, and surrounding public right-of-way clean and free ofdebris.

Indemnification Clause:

The recognized Social Greek-Letter Organization shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the State of Arizona, the Arizona Board of Regents, the University of Arizona, and their officers, employees and agents from and against liability, loss, claims, damages, or expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising from or related to the performance by the Organization or its respective agents of any obligation or responsibility referenced in this UA Club & Organization Handbook or any activity directly related to the Social Greek Letter Organization’s activities, events and functions, but only in proportion to and to the extent such liability, loss, expense, attorney fees, or claims for injury or damages are caused by or result from the negligent acts or omissions of the Social Greek Letter Organization, its individual, active, alumni, alumni advisor, associate members, guests, or invitees directly related to the Social Greek Letter Organization’s activities, events, and functions.