Advisors and their Roles

Advisors for student organizations are an important piece of the club’s successes. Advisors provide valuable information about a particular subject area the organization is interested in, assist student leaders with internal issues, help plan programs and invite speakers, and serve as an additional support for club leaders and members. 

Advisors also hold a significant amount of responsibility for the organization, not limited to but including:

·     Signing Dean’s Excuses for club travel and having knowledge of the scope and duration of the trip;

·     Reporting important issues (i.e. Code of Conduct violations) to appropriate University authorities;

·     Assist the Dean of Students Office with planning logistics for speakers who come to campus; 

·     Serving as first point of contact with University regarding issues within the club that are brought to the attention of either ASUA or the Dean of Students Office.

Advisors are strongly encouraged to enroll in the ASUA Club Advisor Training module within UAccess Learning to understand their full responsibilities. Directions on how to enroll are available at

Advisor Recertification step-by-step (pdf)